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Fish industry

Since catching to finish processing of fish, it should be under the conditions that slow the bacterial process. So, for slowing the decomposition process fish products require the cooling at all processing stages.

Storage life of cooled products mainly depends on the quality of raw fish, cooling method and time, storage conditions. With the fish cooling there are the significant changes in the product: increase of tissue density, tissue juices viscosity and blood viscosity, fish mass reduction because of the partial evaporation from it’s surface with cooling in the atmosphere (fish drying). The level of drying depends on fish characteristics, chilled medium and cooling conditions. Fish characteristics that influence on the level of drying are density, size, package and its nature in the process of cooling and storage.

Fish cooling with crushed ice is made by covering the layers of fish with fine crushed ice in any packing. Fresh water ice and sea water (natural and artificial) ice are used for fish cooling. Ice generator produces the artificial ice. 75% of ice of the fish mass is required for cooling of freshly-caught fish.

Sometimes light-freezing of fish that help to increase its storage life up to 20-25 days is used. In this case fish is matured in a cold air with the temperature of -30 ° for 2 hours or in a brine with the temperature of -10 for 15-20 min. During transportation and storage of light-frozen fish the ambient temperature must be not more than -1 .

For long- term storage fish freezing is used. Process of fish freezing is the process when most of the moisture that fish contains is becoming ice. Fish freezing is followed by significant biochemical and chemical changes. Biochemical changes lead to suppression of life activity of microorganisms at the surface and inside the fish, and even to reduction of amount of bacteria at its surface right after freezing. There are chambers with the temperature of -18 (short-term storage) and -25 (long-term storage) for the storage of frozen fish. With the temperature of -12 and below it the growth of microorganisms stops. So microbiological changes of frozen fish in the storage period are unimportant. It should be taken into account that microorganisms tolerate low temperatures better than high temperatures. So the mold can appear under the unfavorable storage conditions (for example, environmental infection by microorganisms, high-humidity air, significant initial infection of product by microorganisms). The lower the temperature in the chamber- the slower the spoiling of fish.

In the production areas of fish-processing factories industrial conditioning is used for environmental control with the air temperature = +8...+12, the air velocity V= 0,1...0,3 /, the relative humidity j = 70...75%.

“LEADER” GROUP provides refrigeration supply of fish industry factories according to the following stages:

1. Design

2. Selection, procurement and supply of equipment and components for technological process

3. Assembling and start-up work

4. Automation

5. Service


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