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Liquids cooling - Technical solutions

Technical solutions

Liquids cooling

Currently chillers for cooling fluids, called chillers. Chillers are widely used in various fields of the economy:

In the production and processing of food products are special refrigeration cooling water - ice water generators and ice-makers are used.

GC “Leader” offers chillers of own production, ice generators and ice makers.

Chillers for cooling process equipment

Chillers are designed according to the standard two-loop diagram: refrigeration unit (or central) removes heat from the shell and tube evaporator (the first loop). Between the shell and tube evaporator and cooling equipment through pump circulates coolant freezing, (second circuit).

Coolant can be fed directly into the cooling equipment, and can be supplied to the air or liquid heat exchangers. Coolant prepared from aqueous solutions of ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, salt, and alcohol. As an inexpensive coolant is traditionally used an aqueous solution of ethylene glycol.

Ethylene glycol - has a higher density, toxic, corrosive to metal, leakage - the vapors are explosive. As a safer coolant, aqueous solutions of propylene glycol are used. Propylene glycol - a low-density, practically non-corrosive metal, non-toxic: Propylene glycol is allowed as a food additive E1520.

Ice water

When cooling water used for food production, there is always the risk of getting chilled water into food. Therefore, for the food industry, as the cooled coolant is used clean water of drinking quality. Potable water, chilled to a temperature of 0 ... +2 ° C, used for cooling processes in food production, is called ice water


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