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Among our services we can offer selection and assembling of dehydrating system into bath-houses, saunas, swimming-pools and aqua parks.

This service includes equipment selection, assembling, start-up work and maintenance support.

Water in any swimming pool is constantly evaporating, so the air humidity is increasing. Too high humidity leads to condensate formation on the ceiling, walls and, of course, windows. The result of this moisture attack is corrosion, mould and fungus creation and, eventually, deconstruction of buildings. Human being feels uncomfortable because of the high humidity.

To avoid water evaporating is impossible. But it is possible to limit the evaporating and create comfortable rest environment. The evaporating increases because of the mismatched temperature of air and water. So the air temperature must be 1-2º С above the temperature of water in the pool.

Air dehumidification by special equipment is necessary for maintenance of proper humidity (rated relative humidity 50-60%).

Special air dryers are used for air dehumidification of rooms, bath-houses, saunas, pools, aqua parks. Their operational principle is based on water condensation during the contact of air with cold surface. In fact, air dryer is mono block air-conditioner: fan delivers air to evaporator from the room, the air is cooling, water from air is condensing and flowing down to the pan, after that the dehumidified air is supplied to condenser where it gets warm before entering the room. Most of the state-of-art dehumidifiers are working according to this principle.

Air dehumidification is one of the most important steps to creation comfortable environment in the pool area.

For more effective maintenance of necessary climate in the room and for full air recovery we recommend to install complete extract-and-input system of ventilation with dehumidification and heat recovery of discharged air. It provides clean air and good climate in the pool area.


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