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Double units

Double units consist of compressor-condensing unit and cube unit cooler. Double units are designed for industrial usage at middle-temperature and low-temperature ranges.

A unit cooler is located on the ceiling of the cold room. A compressor-condensing unit is outside of the cold room on the floor of engine room or in the street. The switchboard is set into the compressor-condensing unit.

ББ Н - З

З – capacity

Н – low-temperature

С – middle-temperature

ББ – double unit


Scroll motor-compressor

Condenser with a fan

Unit cooler

Blowing line (return valve)

Liquid line (filter drier, sight glass, shut-off valve)

Suction line (mechanic filter)

High and low pressure switch

High and low pressure manometer


4-way valve

Return valve

Liquid separator

Electrical heater for compressor heating

Wiring box

Additional options:

Б – condensing pressure control (controller, diffusive valve, return valve)

Г –additional crankcase heater, temperature controller, indicator, thermal insulation.

Т – condenser and tubes heating

Options Б, Г and Т make it possible for a unit to work at ambient temperature to -30°C.

The cost of additional options is calculated separately. 

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