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Winery and wine cellars - Technical solutions

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Winery and wine cellars

All that is needed for wine storaging is the opportunity to store in the dark, cool and dampish place. Long term effect of light can badly influence on wine, especially on the sparkling wine (that is why the bottles of sparkling wine are fold in paper). Heat speeds up all the processes, so the higher the temperature in the room of wine storaging the faster it matures and the less delicate it becomes. But wine can leak through the cork in a very dry room. The low level of humidity leads to cork shrinking. So the wine can be spoiled. For property retention of wine cork the level of humidity must be about 60-70%.

The real wine storage must be made as a large refrigerator. But the refrigeration system for wine storage is not an air-conditioner or climate-control system.

And even if you install the right refrigeration system on one of the walls of your prospective storage, but do this without proper preparation, the result of it can be the damage of walls, ceiling, furniture and your wine collection.

For creating the best wine storaging conditions the fixed temperature must be 13-15 °С.

The main factors for wine storaging are the air quality of the room and its regular renewal. Constant, but slow leakage of fresh and clean air prevents musty odor and mould creation


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