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Building of cold storages - Technical solutions

Technical solutions

Building of cold storages

We can offer the service of building of industrial cold storages on a turn-key basis. Specialists of our company do all the necessary things for design and assembling. Selection of refrigeration equipment is made based on the customer's requirements. We also gives our own recommendations for optimal equipment selection.

Qualified construction gangs build cold storage according to all the rules and norms as soon as possible. Erecting gangs assemble the refrigerating machines, install unit coolers and condensers, construct a cooper pipeline, set and start up refrigeration equipment.

Cold storages and terminals provide products storaging with medium temperatures from ° to +10 and low temperatures up to -25, with ambient temperature up to + 40 . These cold storages are built using light steel structures. As a heat insulation there are polyurethane foam sandwich panels that are assembled to steel structures with the help of embedded parts or nylon pins. Cam locks tighten the panels together. It shortens the assembling time and provides absolute heat resistance with high mechanical strength.


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