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Shock freezing of semi-finished products - Technical solutions

Technical solutions

Shock freezing of semi-finished products

What is the process of quick freezing? It is a process through the use of freezing temperatures. In this case, the moisture contained in the product crystallizes, which ensures their safety. Blast Freezer solved the problem of storage on an industrial scale food, convenience foods, meat, fish, vegetables and fruit.

Going into any store, you find refrigerators in which the attention of buyers to offer products in frozen form. It is not only meat and fish prepared food, and packages of fruits and vegetables. After defrosting, these products take the original appearance and can be used fresh as a basis for the preparation of various dishes.

Foods that principle was applied freezers can be stored for a long time, and after thawing, they retain their pristine properties and qualities. If the shock freezing was carried out correctly, observing the process, fruits and vegetables will look not only presentable, as they had just collected from the beds and branches.

Blast Freezer is now used in the production of semi-finished meat and fish, which allows customers to deliver the highest quality product, which has a decent look and keep their taste properties. Quick freezing process is carried out by specially designed cameras, which are now divided into two types, and have their own particular work.


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