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Air conditioning of buildings and premises - Technical solutions

Technical solutions

Air conditioning of buildings and premises

Air conditioning and ventilation of office buildings based on “chiller,fancoil” and the positive input-outlet ventilation system for office buildings.

We offer air-conditioning and ventilation system for office buildings with the equipment layout in the mechanical room. With this layout we use chiller which cools the water entering into the unit coolers of central air-conditioner and fancoils. Radial ventilator makes the air cooling of condensers of monoblock refrigeration machine. Air for condenser cooling is supplied and discharged in the air ducts passing through the roof of the building.

The hydraulic group that is pumping the coolant (water) is set in the chiller. There is a heat pump mode in the chiller. As a result of it in cold weather and when the heating system hasn’t worked yet, water with the temperature of near 50° is supplied into the unit cooler of the central air conditioner and fancoil heat exchangers. This temperature is necessary for the heating of air that is supplied to the rooms. Fancoils that are similar to internal block of the split system work at air recirculation in the room and control the temperature of each room individually.

Central air-conditioner takes the outside air through the louver at the face of the mechanical room. Besides two stages of air filter (cell-type and bag-type) central air-conditioner includes air heater, unit cooler and ventilation unit after which the noise damper is mounted.

For cold season of the year there is a surface humidifier in the air-conditioner. Such humidifier can provide the required humidity in rooms in a wide range. In warm weather the humidity of supplied air decreases because of the condensate on the heat-exchange surface of fancoils.

The inlet air of the central conditioner through the air ducts system by individual channels is conducted to the rooms of each floor through the air inlet grill. Exhaust air is pulled out from each floor along the air ducts system through the grills in the walls. Then the outlet radial fan inject this air into the atmosphere. In figure the division walls between inlet and outlet ventilation chamber and chiller are not shown for clarity.

Air distribution in the offices is made through the air ducts system. Air conditioner takes air from the room, fresh outside air is conducted to mixing chamber. Then the air goes through the air conditioner. It is cooled there and distributed around the room. In winter, when the air conditioner doesnt works as a cooler, the electrical air-heater warms the outside air up to room temperature and this air is distributed around the room. In this case the air conditioner works as a simple inlet ventilation.


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