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Meat processing - Technical solutions

Technical solutions

Meat processing

Meat processing, production of sausages, meat delicacies and semi-finished products – all these are the segment of Russian agro-industrial complex. Many Russian meat factories and processing plants are our clients.

We can offer you:

-Cold supply of slaughtering and life-stock dressing lines

We can offer integrated solutions for cold supply of slaughtering, dressing and deep processing departments. Selected and installed equipment in package allow to maintain the required temperature at all stages of process.

-Reconstruction of cold supply system

Equipment obsolescence at the production capacity requires renewal and modernization of present units. We replace ammonia equipment by up-to-date freon equipment that today is more effective in production process.

-Shock freezing chambers and fast freezing machines

Shock freezing chambers represent thermally insulated loop the chamber with doors and cold supply system that provides shock freezing. The chamber and doors are mostly made of PUF panels of 120-150mm. Firstly, it gives the opportunity to exclude heat leakage, secondly, to assemble the chamber in a short time. This chamber can be dismantled and assembled into another place.

Refrigeration equipment for cold supply of chock freezing chamber includes:

- compressor refrigeration unit designed for the boiling temperature of -40

- remote air-cooled condenser

- control panel of freezing

- unit cooler with increased fin spacing shock froster that provides continuous operation and equal heat removal from the product.

Product distribution in shock freezing chamber for free airflow of product is very important. For this reason there are trucks with products on the shelves or stationary racks with products.

- Cooling, freezing and storage chambers on a turn-key basis

Industrial cooling chamber is a room with wall and ceiling insulation where refrigeration equipment (unit coolers) is installed.

It is reasonable to classify industrial cooling chambers by two factors:

- temperature mode

- function of chamber

According to the temperature mode cooling chamber are divided by two classes:

· medium temperature chambers (from+14 to -2 °)

low temperature chambers (from -3 to -35 )

In low temperature chambers the floor is thermally insulated. If it is on the ground, there is an electric heat ground defroster protection from its freezing and further frost heave together with the chamber's floor. Electrical heating of unit cooler frost deposit is also provided for low temperature chambers.

- Cooling of products in technological sediment chambers for sausage products

Sediment is the first step of the final stage of technological process sausage products heating when the sausages and smoked products are cooking. This sediment is proceeding in special chambers where the fixed indoor regime is maintaining.

Depending on the type of sausages the sediment can be short- and long-term. Short-term sediment: cooked sausages, sausages and small sausages (2...4h), smoked-and-cooked sausages (24-48h). Long-term sediment: summer and dry-cured sausages (5...7 days).

Sausages that went through the sediment are roasted better because there is less water that slows down the roasting process and frequently lead to deposition of tar and soot.

During the short-term sediment of cooked, semi-smoked and smoked-and-cooked sausages a firming of minced meat and predrying of casings take place; the reactions connected with color stabilization are going on.

For intensive removal of evaporating moisture the chambers of short-term sediment are equipped with unit coolers. During the long sediment, besides predrying of casings and firming of minced meat, complicated fermentation and microbiological processes are proceeding. As a result of these processes special taste and smell are creating, secondary structurization and color stabilization take place.

- Maintaining of the required indoor regime in the drying and climate chambers for summer sausages

- Product freezing in plate machines

- Air-conditioning and ventilation of production areas


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