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Transport cold

Specialists of the "Trans Leader" have a great experience of diagnosis, repair and maintenance of transport refrigeration and heating equipment of all brands and manufacturers. As an official dealer of «Carrier TRANSICOLD», Trans Leader" to quickly and accurately perform any work related to transport the cold, as well as activities related to the selection, installation, repair and maintenance of heating equipment manufactured by the German company WEBASTO, which the dealer also the company "Trans Leader".

Since 2000, OOO "TRANS-Leader" is an official dealer of the American Corporation «Carrier TRANSICOLD», which is already more than 100 years old engaged in the production of transport refrigeration equipment.

We offer the whole complex of the decisions, connected with the delivery of the perishable cargoes at transportations by motor vehicles: vehicles, isothermal vans, refrigerating and heating installation.

We carry out installation of automobile refrigerating facilities, to ensure, as cooling, and heating of the transported cargo, maintenance of necessary temperature for preservation of the cargo in the range from +15 to-20 C on the basis of any vehicle.
Since 2002, our company is the official dealer of the Volga region "Webasto" (Germany) - a leading world manufacturer of pre-starting heater, air heaters.

We supply, perform starting-up and adjustment works, we provide service maintenance of autonomous liquid heaters, air heaters for road, railway, air and water transport, as well as for all kinds of special and farming technology.

The guarantee on the all equipment of Webasto - 2 years from the date of installation by an authorized service. Warranty service is carried out in any service center of Webasto, regardless of the place of installation of the equipment.