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Industrial coolers (chillers) are used in the heat transfer processes in the operation of various equipment (injection molding, extrusion, laser devices, cutting machines, medical equipment, etc.), as well as injection and blow molds.

For example, in a modern, high-tech manufacturing of plastic products, the rising growth of competition between producers, when the rate of production of high-quality products is decisive, in the manufacture of plastic products is impossible to do without water-cooling units - chillers.

The use of previously used for cooling

cooling towers and running water today economically unfeasible, and also has a number of disadvantages:

Running water, or no cooling significantly reduces the life of the equipment, greatly reduces its performance, equipment require additional maintenance (cleaning of the cooling channels of the mineral deposits and impurities, etc.).

Running water temperature is not constant throughout the year, and as a result of its change in its temperature depends entirely on the production cycle.

Recycled water from the cooling tower is constantly digging contaminated dust, and poplar down organic matter, greatly reducing the performance and service life.

Temperature of the circulating water from a cooling tower in the warm season is 27-32 C, the temperature running tap water 18-22 C.

Modern high molding temperature of the water required for cooling 5-7 with molds.

Inadequate cooling molds lead to premature failure of seals and gaskets and warping as a result of premature injection molding system.

To solve this problem, we recommend the use of industrial cooler - chiller.

This has the following benefits:

Production not depends on the time of year, as opposed to running water, water cooled chiller, always has a constant, user-defined temperature.

In the closed-loop "cooling plant - equipment" used softened water with the addition of a highly refined additives that slow the process of corrosion of the cooling channels.

The low temperature of the cold water in the range 5-7 helps to increase the productivity of technology equipment and get more profit.

Implemented by our company solutions for integrated building systems for industrial refrigeration can solve the problem of non-stop operation of the equipment full plastic production. Ongoing projects and equipment used, allow you to work molding and extrusion blow molding equipment with the highest possible short cycles with stable regimes and maintaining high-quality products.

Use in projects cooling systems with remote condensers, as well as free cooling system "free-cooling", allow the maximum to minimize the cost per unit of the cold and thus reduce production costs. One chiller can serve several molds or tools, depending on the capacity. Several coolers can be combined into a single line, in this case, the problem is solved backup cold sources.

The equipment used has a range of capacities allows you to use it in all areas of the chiller from the plastics industry to high-tech industries in the field of aeronautics, printing, processing, packaging and food industry.


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