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Cooling systems transfer heat milk through the refrigerant in the air or water. This transfer is carried out through the wall, so direct contact with the milk available. Refrigerant or coolant absorbs heat milk within the evaporator.

The cooling rate depends on the design of the equipment. The final temperature is dependent on the setting of the thermostat or the flow of milk flowing through the plate cooler. Large temperature difference increases the cooling rate. High speed and turbulent flow of liquids to improve the speed of the wall heat transfer.

Today we offer for the dairy industry various options cooling milk and ready to offer the equipment on the basis of the specific conditions of your production.

Ice-makers - is installation for making ice water. These systems are ideal for cooling milk and dairy products as a large-scale production and on small farms and milk collection centers.

Ice-makers use when the amount of cooling from 500 liters of milk per day.


Flow-through cooling of milk, or chillers use in industries with constant heat leak. In addition to ordinary chillers we offer milk cooling flow systems using a thin evaporator.


A unique feature evaporator is a high coefficient of heat transfer (up to 2000Vt/m2K) and different evaporators to cool the water to a temperature close to freezing temperature (0,5 ° C) without the risk of damage. This is the most reliable solutions for milk cooling by chillers, they can work even with contaminated water, and in addition to that they are easy to clean.


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