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chiller (liquid cooler)

remote (unit, evaporator and pumping station inside the room, condenser - outside)

double units (unit and condenser are outside of the room, evaporator and pumping station are inside)

monoblock (unit, evaporator and condenser are on the same frame, ) [one block]




10 horse power per one compressor

2 a number of compressors


Hydraulic cicuit of monoblock scroll chillers Ѡ

Components of chiller:

1 – compressor

2 condenser

3 evaporator


on the same frame)

Water from the cold consumer comes from a warm room into the chiller, which is on the street. After passing through the evaporator, the water cools down and goes into the room to the cold consumer. Meanwhile the pumping station is usually located in a warm room. Such chillers can be easily and quickly mounted even by organizations that do not have any experience in air-conditioning. It is necessary to mount the chiller and bring water and electricity to it. The only disadvantage of such a scheme is the need of technical maintenance, it consists in that before the temperature in the street gets negative (where the chiller is located) it is necessary to drain all water from the pipeline and the evaporator (3), and in the spring, before starting the system it is necessary to fill the whole system with water. Otherwise, the water in the evaporator during the winter freeze and burst (unfreeze) your chiller, then after the water gets into the hydraulics of freon, it displays all of the chiller system and you will require a complete replacement of the chiller. In countries where there is no low negative temperatures in winter, this problem does not exist. A water replacement to the prepared (non-freezing) liquid can serve as a technical solution.

However, at low powers, small chillers can be installed in a heated room, with no need annualy to drain and fill water, but it must be remembered that the chiller generates more heat than the cold and you will need to remove from the condenser hot air from the premises.

Hydraulic cicuit of double blocks scroll chillers

Components of chiller:

1 compressor

2 condenser

(located on the same frame)

3 evaporator (located inside the room and connected with the unit by two copper pipelines)

This system is very similar to home air conditioner (split system), but in this case not air evaporator (unit cooler) is used, but water one. This model can be used as a cooling in winter conditions, in case of air-conditioning servers, cooling of various equipment for the production of plastics, paper, etc., as well as to cool the "working fluid", which will be the intermediate (propylene glycol, ethylene glycol) and continue to cool through the second heat exchanger the final product (beer, milk, cola, etc.). When used in winter it is necessary to set additional options () for the winter run of the chiller and its work at ambient temperature of -32 ° C. This solution eliminates the possibility of "unfreezing" the evaporator in the street, herewith the possibility of giving off heat in the room is excluded. Besides, this solution does not require a place in the room and at the same time we do not hear how the chiller operates. The control panel of a chiller and pumping station is located next to the evaporator in the room, and we can see all the parameters of pressure and temperature in all parts of the refrigeration machine operation.

Due to options (), we not only save space, we do not need to build separate aggregates (in case of large capacities). Options () are responsible for the regulation of the condensing pressure, have additional cracncase heaters of compressor, condenser and piplines. The whole system works through the microprocessor and brings the chiller into the working mode for 10 minutes, after that the chiller srtarts, and the options () switch off. During cyclical operation of chiller the options () do not switch on. This solution of liquid cooling was developed and tested by Design Department of GC "Leader" especially for Russia and other countries with a low temperature in winter. The disadvantage of the system is the need to conduct skilled assembling works when the equipment is installed, as well as during the installation of domestic split-system.

Advantages of this system: 1 — the chiller can operate with the help of additional options () at low temperatures (down to -32 C), 2 the possibility to defrost the evaporator from the ambient temperature is excluded, 3 - condenser and compressor, being on the street, produce heat and sound pressure outside the room, 4 - no need to allocate space and construct an aggregate.

Disadvantages of the system: the need to implement qualified installation.

Hydraulic cicuit of remote scroll chillers

1 compressor

3 evaporator

(located on the same frame inside the room)

2 condenser (located outside (remote) and connected with the unit by two copper pipilnes)

system is similar to the system, only in this case, the compressor is located in the room together with the evaporator, which protects the evaporator from unfreezing in winter. There is no need to heat before starting after the compressor stops, you only need to set options (), which are responsible for adjusting the pressure of condensation and heat the pipeline and condenser before starting. However, one should remember that the unit requires ventilated aggregate, as the unit while running will give off heat, and it will be needed to soundproof the aggregate not to hear its work. When installing the equipment as well as in the system one should contact the mounting company.

Advantages of the system:

1 - the possibility to defrost the evaporator from the ambient temperature is excluded,

2 - there is no need to use the option () of heating the compresso,

3- operation at low temperature (down to -32 C) is possible (if installing additional options () of a condensation pressure control and heating the refrigerant circuit).

Disadvantages of the system:

1- an additional ventilated area for compressor,

2 - the compressor generates heat and noise in the room,

3 - there is a need to perform skilled installation.

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