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The main risk of flower business is deterioration of goods. Flowers languish, so it is important to sell them fast. Products should always come up to the mark and stand by the brand. So, one of the main challenge of the seller in this business is to keep the product's freshness and its original form as long as it possible.

The storage temperature of cut flowers is +8...+10°. Cooling must be static. This rule has binding force. There are several ways to meet this requirement. Anyway, all of them use up-to-date technologies though, today, the most popular variants differ from each other.

Rapid breathing of cut flowers, generating heat as a by-product, is an indication of growth and deterioration rate. As in all biological systems breathing of cut flowers logarithmically increases with temperature rise. For example, the flower in the temperature of 29˚ will breathe up to 45 times harder that in the temperature of 2˚.

Cooling of flowers help to cut down the deterioration rate. Temperature decrease reduces the breathing; fast chilling and maintenance of proper temperature mode influence on the quality and the future life of cut flowers.

The most important part of maintenance of the cut flowers quality is fast chilling after cropping, maintenance of the proper temperature mode and relative humidity in the storage time.

The storage temperature of the most of the flowers is 0-2˚. The storage temperature of the flowers that are sensitive to cooling (tropical orchid, ginger, bird of paradise) is above 10˚. Low air humidity helps to evaporate water from the cutting, high air humidity increases the risk of vapor condensation and mould creation.

There are dry and humid col storage of cut flowers. In the first case flowers are stored in a special package in the cooling chamber. In the second case, with a humid cold storage, flowers are set in water or nutrition solutions, then they are covered with plastic bags and put into refrigerators of different temperature modes.

Dry cold storage

Dry cold storage of cut flowers is more reliable and long-term, but it requires fixed temperature (changes of it must be not more than ±2˚. Fugacious flowers (roses) are sorted out not after cutting, but after cooling and before shipment to the customer. In this case the healthiest flowers of high-quality with equal buds are sorted out. They are put in boxes that are covered with plastic inside, or in bags of plastic, foil, cellophane, and also in waxed cardboard and plastic container.

Flower chamber can have almost any size and form.

Walls of the flower chamber can be made of PUF sandwich panels or pane units for the opportunity to show the customers fresh flowers. Door of chamber can be single-leaf, double-leaf or sliding. All these factors help to make flower cooling chamber that meets all the customer's requirements and allows to maximize sales of flowers and floral arrangements.

Any flower chamber is equipped with cooling monoblock or split system depending on the customer’s requirements, configuration of flower chamber and its placing in a salesroom. It is necessary to choose the refrigerating system according to volume and terms of use of flower chamber. Refrigerating systems for flowers have a number of differences from standard cooling monoblocks and split systems.


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