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All refrigeration equipment for stores and supermarkets divided into refrigerators with built-in cold, as well as remote system cold. In the supermarket is better to use the second option. As a rule, large supermarkets are set refrigerator, suitable for demonstrating the products, as well as for food storage. The maximum possible height refrigerators two hundred twenty centimeters to the width of five feet.

For the owner of the store is more important not manufacturer but the choice of the company that will perform the installation of the system (it is the system of external cooling). First of all, large refrigerated shelves, completely open on one side, requires a strong central system. In addition, the cold has come to the fridge and under pressure, otherwise it will be almost impossible to maintain the proper temperature for food storage, especially in hot weather. In this case, the electric power, which consumes one such stack is measured in kilowatts.

The main factors that affect the value of the equipment are the shape of the refrigerator, size, volume, and maximum cooling. The last parameter is especially important when choosing a refrigerator for display and storage of certain goods. For example, for products of milk cooling temperature should not be less than two degrees Celsius, while the optimum temperature of four - five degrees. At the same time, two degrees above zero - the best temperature for the storage of meat products.

Fruits and vegetables require the temperature in five - six degrees above zero. It should be noted that the temperature indicated above is optimal. The cooling equipment will not be able to reproduce it exactly, the deviation of one or two degrees in either direction will not play a big role.


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