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Control boxes

Sphere of application

Wiring boxes are designed for automatic unit coolers mode control, working in refrigeration systems which are used to provide required climate parameters in vegetables storage rooms and other climate stores.

Wiring boxes can fulfill the following operations of a technological process:

1. Unit cooler control in automatic mode up to 6-th canals:

- fan motors start up (running current no more than 10A);

- switch on of evaporator electrical heaters (running current no more than 96A);

- switch on of a solenoid valve for refrigerant to flow into evaporator.

2. Control and display of air temperature in the cold chamber.

3. Control and display of the 1-st evaporator surface temperature.

4. Control of the 2-nd, 3-d, 4-th, 5-th and 6-th evaporator surface temperature.

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