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Heating of buildings - Technical solutions

Technical solutions

Heating of buildings

For climate control in buildings and facilities we offer remote units are helical (FWM) products. The design is performed in the frame unit, combines scroll compressors and shell and tube heat exchanger Danfoss total cooling capacity of 200 kW. The condenser is a remote and installed on the roof of the building, eliminating the ventilation, if the capacitor was in the same frame with the compressors.

Conditioning of the building is cooled by chiller water from 12 to 7 degrees and passing through fan coil units installed in every department at all levels of the building. With the three-speed fan terminal units perform removal of cold water to the air space at different rates, enabling each department office.

Chiller has six steps automatically variable cooling, which helps conserve power, depending on the heat load included fan coils.

This has the function of an additional chiller heat pump, which are exchanged shell and tube evaporator and condenser - condenser refrigerant has a boiling point below the street and extracts heat from the surrounding environment, the evaporator, however, the water starts to warm up to 40 degrees, which makes it possible to heat the floors of the building and offices heat the room to a comfortable temperature.


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