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Technical solutions

Poultry farms

Creating a successful poultry complex requires a systematic and integrated approach which provides planning, construction, installation, testing, commissioning and operation of all systems, components and industrial in a poultry farm, in accordance with internationally accepted norms and standards.

GC "Leader" has a long history and rich experience in the development and implementation of projects for the construction and refrigeration of any poultry production.

Technologies offered by our company, based on the principles of proper planning with the requirements of poultry farm biosecurity and production plan, provide continuous and regular deliveries of products for consumer markets, as well as cross breeding birds in correlation with local conditions and requirements.

Specialists of "LEADER" carry out all the works on the construction and equipping of poultry turnkey.

We have developed a large number of standard and individual schemes for refrigeration supply poultry, using the requirements of all of the latest technologies and standards, and the requirements of modern equipment manufacturers for poultry.

We offer various solutions for:

1. Cooling poultry carcasses, by-products and semis

Washed poultry carcase cool by submersible or gidroaerozolno-evaporation methods in one or two stages.

With one-step immersion cooling with free movement of birds used screw submersible units. Carcass after washing automatically dumped into the container directly into the bath gutting pre-cooling with tap water, cool for 10 minutes. Then the carcasses enter the final cooling bath of ice water at a temperature of 0 ° C to 2 C, and cool for 25 minutes.

Minimum flow of fresh water in the immersion bath in the cooling process is recommended in the amount of 2.5 liters per carcase weighing 2.5 kg or less. After immersion in water cooling carcass is allowed to drip free water for 15 min.

After the slaughter of animals, including birds, due to the action of tissue enzymes are autolytic changes muscle tissue, followed by the end of the post-mortem and subsequent relaxation, characterized as a process of maturation of meat.

Practiced at the present time intensive cooling in ice water, along with natural causes additional end stiffening meat due to cold muscles.

Subsequent freezing of carcasses not in great extent affects on qualitative characteristics of the finished product, because by that time the muscle fibers are maximally in contracted state, forming a solid structure.

Acceptable minimum period of maturation of broiler carcasses after their exposure is cooling for at least 4 hours in the refrigerator at a temperature of 0 ... 2 C. Guarantee high quality of the final product is an excerpt of carcasses after cooling at least 6 ... 8 hours. For poultry, implemented chilled, the quality problem caused by the release of muscle tissue from a state of rigor mortis can be quite successfully resolved during subsequent cold storage after cooling carcasses in refrigerators.

To solve the problem of meat aging technology can help in two phases cooling poultry carcasses, based on the analysis of heat transfer processes and rigor mortis carcass cooling. Achieved in the first stage temperature ensures sanitary conditions of the product, and the subsequent aftercooling in the storage creates favorable conditions for maximum resolution of the state of rigor mortis.

Gidroaerozic - evaporative cooling of poultry carcasses in specially equipped units or cells by sequential movement of carcasses, fixed on hangers through the zone with gidroaerozolic environment and zone circulation of cold air. Gidroaerozolic environment is created through nozzles spraying water from the water supply network. On admission to gidroaerozolic zone is moistened surface carcasses cold air with a temperature of -1 C to 0 C and speeds of up to 3 m / s.

2.Cooling poultry carcasses, by-products and semis

The faster is the process of freezing poultry, the higher the quality of the product, storage stability and less shrinkage. Air freezing poultry carcasses packed in standard shipping containers (cardboard boxes) group process is conducted in a freezer at the temperature not higher than -23 C, relative humidity of 90% and the rate of circulation of up to 4 m / s. Temperature and air flow rate should be kept uniform by the working volume of the freezer unit.

Freezing process is considered complete when the temperature in the interior of the chest muscles -8 C. Duration of the freezing process, depending on the type and condition birds, its packaging and the type of freezer units from 2.5 to 40h.

From the standpoint of the consumer quality and technological properties are widely accepted technology of freezing carcasses immediately after cooling, aggravated by adverse effects of rigor mortis, is not entirely successful, which, however, have to accept, in connection with the reality of long-term transportation of perishable raw materials and, most importantly, the need to create food containers.

The following classification of the intensity of the freezing process, depending on the speed of the interface:

slow - about 0.5 cm / h;

rapidly - from 0.5 to 5 cm / h;

ultra-fast - from 5 to 10 cm / h;

ultrafast - more than 10 cm / h;

Applied to carcasses slow freezing typical air group freezing carcasses packed in shipping containers (boxes, wood, corrugated cardboard, etc.), fast - to air the piece frozen carcasses without stacking in shipping containers at a low temperature and intense circulation of cooling air for immersion, freezing liquids mandatory packaging carcasses in consumer packaging - individual packages of polymer films for freezing tile machines.

Ultra-fast freezing achieved using cryogenic environments ultrafast - for cryogenic freezing of thin objects.
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