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Frozen fruits, vegetables and berries - Technical solutions

Technical solutions

Frozen fruits, vegetables and berries

Fruit and vegetables are characterized by its high fermentation activity, low tolerance to pathogenic bacteria and easy water loss.

Its storage time mainly depends on ripeness level during the cropping. Usually this level is divided by portable and customer levels. Some cultures (grape, cherry, watermelon) have the same ripeness level.

Water evaporation after cropping is the important process. It leads to mass reduction, wilting, presentation deterioration. Fruit must be fast cooled after cropping to stop biochemical processes, prevent bacteria creation and reduce water loss. If portable and customer ripeness are the same, cooling must be made during 2-5 hours up to the temperature of transportation or storage. If fruit or vegetables get the ripeness during the storage (apples, peas, tomatoes), they can be cooled during 20-24 hours.

Because of the fact that after cropping there is the process of breathing in the products of such culture; heat of respiration must be taken into account with the cooling unit design. Products that require quick chilling must be put to the tunnel-type machines where the air speed is up to 5 m/s and the air changes up to 150 V/h. Speed of 1-2 m/s and air changes of 30-40 V/h are reasonable for slow cooling.

For most of the vegetables and fruit the optimal storage temperature is 0,5 C above the freezing temperature, but some of the cultures (citrus, bananas, cucumbers, potatoes) require higher temperature for their storage. It is important to maintain stable temperature and humidity that exclude light freezing, condensate, drying in the storage chamber. Motion speed of air flows is not more that 0,5 m/s. Calculated air humidity in the room is individual for each type of product. In these chambers functional exchange ventilation is necessary. The product is loaded into iron containers that are set up in tires. For some vegetables the bulk packing is possible. In such chambers vegetables and fruit that do not set off the vital heat (potatoes, onion, cabbage, carrot) are stay fresh for a long time. One of the most perfect methods of conservation is fast freezing of fruit and vegetables.
Frozen fruit and vegetables preserve vitamins and taste properties of fresh products almost completely. High quality of frozen products with long-term storage is achieved by graded raw materials of the required maturity and right treatment with observance of hygiene-and-sanitation conditions, reasonable packing usage, low-temperature mode of cooling treatment.


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