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Transport heating equipment - Webasto heaters

Autonomous heaters "Webasto" Thermo Top series provide free start the engine warmed lounge and free of ice and snow glasses before the trip.

On any passenger car, in the most bitter cold!

Pre-heater is a compact device that is installed in the engine compartment. Heater heat exchanger is connected to the cooling circuit of the engine, electronics - to the onboard network, and fuel system - the fuel tank of the vehicle.

It significantly improves the safety, comfort, economy, durability and environmental friendliness of the vehicle, as before the beginning of the trip:

• the engine warms up and is easy to make - and it not only saves time and effort, but also allows to significantly reduce fuel consumption, the total load on the battery, engine wear and harmful emissions;

• heat in the cabin, which increases driving comfort, improves response and allows easy seat belt (no need to sit in a car in a bulky upper body);

• glass free of ice and snow, do not fog up, do not freeze "wipers", resulting in: a good view from the very beginning of the trip.

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