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Cooling units - Piston units

Sermi-hermetic piston compressor BITZER.

Liquid receiver.

Liquid line (filter-dryer, sight glass, shutoff valve).

Suction line (mechanic filter, return valve).

Pressure switch and high and low pressure manometer.

Dust-and-wet-protected wiring box.


Additional options:

A – liquid separator.

condensing pressure control (controller, diffusive valve, check valve)

additional heater of a housing (500W), Danfoss thermostat UT72, indicator.

oil separator.

- polyether oil Y (in case of operating on R-404).

cylinder head air-cooling fan.

K output controller (up to 4G30 including 50/100%, from 6J33 33/67/100%).

oil level sensor

Operating conditions: boiling temperature from -15C to +5 C.

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