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Information for GC "LEADER"

Leader Group was founded in 1998, the 17th of April. Today Leader Group is the successful and dynamic engineer company turned to commercial, manufacturing and industrial business. The company’s main activities are engineering, design, production and service of industrial, commercial, stationary, transport, refrigeration and heating equipment; engineering and building of cold storages and civil construction projects.  

Leader Group includes 9 independent organizations (Ltd.). Each company has its own work-area, but the primary objective is high-quality service and products. Leader Group has the opportunity to provide our customers the service that solves the problems with minimum costs. Our professionals, high-quality products and working operations guarantee customer’s project efficiency. 

Eight independent organizations of Leader Group – eight business areas that professionally cooperate with each other. They make highly technical but easy-to-use product.

Leader-S, Ltd. consults, makes engineering design, supply, installation and start-up work of refrigeration equipment.

Leader-Samara, Ltd. based on the state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, installs the equipment, different parts and components of cooling systems.

Leader-Center, Ltd. deals with foreign trade activities, supply different types of equipment, components and spare parts for production; operates in increasing company assets.

Trans Leader, Ltd. supplies and installs automotive refrigeration systems which are aimed for cooling and heating the cargo.

Leader-Motor-S, Ltd. successfully deals with diagnostics and motor-compressors and electromotors repair of any complexity.

Leader-Service, Ltd. Is engaged into building, start-up work and service of the equipment for various purposes.

Trade House Leader, Ltd. has the 300 m2 show-room, where some goods of own production and goods of other trade marks in cold supply and conditioning sphere are presented.

Leader-Stroy, Ltd. specializes in consulting, engineering design, supplies, building and installation turnkey civil construction projects. 

"Leader-Link", Ltd. - makes contact with regular and potential customers to obtain technical specifications for the supply, installation and servicing of refrigeration equipment.

Company mission is to solve the problems of any complexity during engineering, building and fitting out of commercial, manufacturing and industrial enterprises.

Refrigeration equipment production, its environmental security, significant energy cost reduction, full or partial production automation and successful introduction of refrigeration units into overall technological process – these are the challenges, that our company, working in a team with the customer, has successfully met since 1998, the date of the company’s establishing. Going beyond the simple technical drawing it has become our work system, our principle. We could carry out huge amount of projects almost in every region of our country and outside the Russian Federation, in the neighboring countries.

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