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Transport refrigeration - Carrier Transicold units

Carriers serving shops and supermarkets must deliver to its customers a list of various products, distinguished by different thermal sensitivity (dairy and meat products, fruits, soft drinks, ice cream and frozen foods, alcohol). With multi installation can carry all these products in one body - Refrigeration and heating installation to support the required temperature (-25 ° C to +20 ° C) in each body section (possible volume of a body from 25 to 90m3 and more! ).

Carrier Transicold - the world's first company, which has developed and brought to life the idea of ​​multi-temperature systems for transport. Carrier Transicold provides multi version Xarios units for medium trucks and Vector iMaxima for semitrailers. Multi version Vector 1850 Mt º has evaporators with single or dual air distribution outlet - the body can be configured according to the required volume and temperature, and the sections can be completely isolated from each other.

Microprocessor control

All units Carrier Transicold are equipped with microprocessor, as the burden of managing the unit and reduces the time for maintenance. The microprocessor operates: takes temperature readings in the body and transmits the data to the control panel, if you turn off the unit microprocessor saves the last set option - when the unit is not necessary to specify the unit operation again, performs a self-test of the unit - in the case of malfunction, the display will indicate that the unit is has failed and why.

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