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Danfoss scroll compressors are ideal for use in water coolers (chillers), unitary air conditioners, split system, central air conditioning systems, heat pumps, and residential air conditioner.

At Danfoss scroll compressors compress gas produced by two elements having the shape of spirals, which are located in the upper part of the compressor motor. Suction gas enters the compressor through the suction pipe, flows around the motor casing and comes in through the holes in the bottom of the casing. The oil in the gas is extracted from it and settles on the bottom of the crankcase. The gas passes through the motor, providing complete cooling compressor in all operating modes. After passing through the motor, the gas enters the compressor spiral elements. Just above the outlet of the fixed scroll is a check valve. It protects the compressor from the back flow of the gas after it is turned off. After passing the check valve, the gas leaves the compressor through the discharge pipe.

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