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Cooling units - Package units


On the units of the series ACCK and AHCK there are Copeland or L' unite Hermetique motor-compressors installed, Danfoss pressure switch of high and low pressure, Danfoss humidity detector, Danfoss filter-dryers, Alfa Laval, SVIL receivers and liquid separators.

Cost of wiring box of the unit:

- for units ACCK-1 and AHCK-1 – 9 375 rubles;

- for units ACCK-2 and ACCK-7 – 13 125 rubles;

- for units AHCK-2 – AHCK-5 – 13 125 rubles.

Additional options:

П – a set for operating in winter – 12150 rubles.

Condensation control through pressure controller P78ALA, compressor heating through Danfoss thermostat UT72. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the units design without notice.

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