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Cooling units - Package units

On the units of the series ACCK and AHCK there are Copeland or L' unite Hermetique motor-compressors installed, Danfoss pressure switch of high and low pressure, Danfoss humidity detector, Danfoss filter-dryers, Alfa Laval, SVIL receivers and liquid separators.

Cost of wiring box of the unit:

- for units ACCK-1 and AHCK-1 – 9 375 rubles;

- for units ACCK-2 and ACCK-7 13 125 rubles;

- for units AHCK-2 AHCK-5 13 125 rubles.

Additional options:

a set for operating in winter 12150 rubles.

Condensation control through pressure controller P78ALA, compressor heating through Danfoss thermostat UT72. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the units design without notice.

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