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The main aim of this program is to unite the best refrigeration companies of all Russian regions for joint activity in one region. The long history of our country tells us that we are strong only together.

Today we have a range of contracts with our colleagues for joint implementation of refrigeration equipment.

You can learn about work conditions here: Dealer contract


LEADER-Sibkomo, Ltd. Barnaul

License #0003566992 from December 23, 2011

The main activity of this company is to supply, install and maintain refrigeration equipment. Service department of the company works with the projects in the Altai Territory , Altai Republic, the Novosibirsk Region and Kemerovo Region. Sibkomo company has been in the refrigeration equipment market of the Altai Territory for 4 years.

LEADER-Zevs, Ltd. Penza

License #1125835001764 from April 16, 2012

Zevs, Ltd. has been in the Penza Region market for more than 10 years. It offers full range of services for shops in the field of refrigeration and commercial equipping: cold rooms with the space up to 1000 m3, refrigeration units of the trade mark Bitzer and Copeland, monoblock units, split systems, central cooling units. Company also installs and maintains the automobile air conditioning.

LEADER-Thermosistemy, Ltd. Belgorod

License #1123123010108 from May 21, 2012

NPP Thermosistemy, Ltd. offers the range of engineering services and full set of equipment, materials for engineering and installation of cold supply systems. The main work areas of the company are engineering, supply and installation of cold supply systems for food industry, supply and installation of coolers, chilling rooms, blast chillers, spiral and plate fast-freezing units.

LEADER-Mos, Ltd. Moscow

X Group has been in the engineering service market for more than 5 years. Company offers full range of services for building engineering with tunkey and for each work area separately. Development of internal engineering systems of buildings, audit and updating an existing project, start-up work and servicing – this is the list of services provided in Moscow region and round the country by our partner.


Ltd. "PROMHOLOD +" Kazan

Company "PROMHOLOD +" Kazan over 20 years of experience supplies complex equipment for the enterprises of trade, public catering, processing and storage. Offers a complete set of industrial, commercial freezers.
Ltd. Prom Cold + implements a high-tech refrigeration, thermal, neutral, bar and shop equipment economy, business and luxury class catering. For the customers offers a functional and reliable equipment for shops, cafes, cafeterias, pizzerias and restaurants from leading foreign and domestic manufacturers.

LEADER Group is looking for cooperation with all Russian refrigeration companies to participate in Partner program.

We offer the trade mark LEADER, our name, experience and business contacts with the purpose of customer acquisition for sales of goods and services, free supply of advertising and presentation materials, equipment selection software, commodity credits and the equipment warranty up to two years.

Furthermore, LEADER Group offers consolidated emergency and target import deliveries from manufacturers in other countries.

Emergency deliveries are made if the equipment is needed according to the signed contract with the end customer.

Target deliveries are made by placing orders at the LEADER-Group web-site and formed every first week of new quarter.

Under the target deliveries each partner is aware of stock reserve of all partners, including the main stock of LEADER Group (daily ending inventory is 70 mln. rubles at average). Each partner has the opportunity to change its equipment to the required one for the signed contract.

The products we offer

Our own brands produced and supplied to the Russian market by our company - are first of all the products of the trade mark LEADER! Trade mark with the company’s name obligate us to control the quality of our products constantly, because they bear the name of our company! Under the brand LEADER we produce and supply refrigeration units, chillers (water coolers), heating pumps, water duties, ice accumulators, heat recuperation units, unit coolers and coaxial evaporators, control cabinets. In October 2012 we are planning to produce and supply condensers, that will also be under our brand LEADER. It means that they must have the best quality. According to the majority of experts - the best expert is our customer today the quality of unit coolers LEADER is as good as the best European heat-exchanger manufacturers, and in many ways even exceeds them.

For low-budget solutions we have been supplying heat-exchange equipment of Shanghai corporation SVIL to Russia for 7 years. During this time this company showed good results in economical engineering solutions.

For the customers, that get used to trust only the German quality, we are supplying heat-exchangers of the well known German manufacturer GUNTNER to the Russian market during the last 5 years .

What about the prices?

The prices for making orders among all partners are absolutely transparent and universal. In this case the price of the product is the PRODUCTION COST! But this production cost differs from that one that many sellers of goods mean. This is the production cost that is universal and not changed during the whole 2012 despite any economic changes (raw material cost, currency rate, taxes and other external and internal factors)!

This agreement between LEADER companies and three manufacturers was signed on 29th of September, 2011 in international negotiations on the seminar in Samara devoted to Day of refrigeration specialist 2011. As a result of this agreement LEADER company cant enhance the products price that, in fact, is the production cost for the supplier during the whole 2012. Companies in different markets sectors are interested in our proposal. For example, sometimes it is not so easy for refrigeration companies of industry refrigeration sphere to win a tender in their regionfor a big project. Joining efforts and participation increase the chances to win such tender by several times.

We make quality assembly and supply of refrigeration equipment. Only the local company of one territory makes Installation and maintenance. The contract for equipment supply can be signed with the end customer by local partner refrigeration company.

Why is it worth to work with us?

LEADER Group earned a great reputation with major customers and, today, has high reliability of work. We have in our reference list such companies as Arkhangelsk trawler fleet (Arkhangelsk) and mayonnaise factory Oriks (Samara), Coca-cola (Nizhny Novgorod) and Danon (Togliatti). Ministry of Defence, Vnukovo airport (Moscow) and Navy Academy (St. Petersburg) also worked with us. Totally, more than 500 companies in Russia cooperated with us. It gives us the opportunity to win tenders and get large orders. The name and reputation of LEADER Group let our young partners be highly value in the market and refer to our experience as it is its own. It is well-known that installation cost of the refrigeration equipment can be the significant part of the value. We work out the cost of needed materials and installation cost of any project according to our design program CMC (construction materials calculation). We offer our partner a guaranteed contract for equipment installation and service in all co-projects in Russia!

We are ready to provide our partners with free personnel training program. Moreover, our information resource Imperia Leader magazine is at hand of all our partners. This will become a tangible benefit for you. 14 000 subscribers around Russia read our magazine!

There is no more direct tool

You can get the information about partners and web-link or other web-site of a partner on the home page of LEADER Group updated web-site.
for business development than industry and regional exhibitions. Participation in such exhibitions makes possible to be aware of the latest news and events. Our partners also become our exhibition partners. We give them an opportunity to advertise themselves with us.

We are willing to cooperate, and if you would like to work with the best equipment and have shock prices of it, become the first and the only representative in your region!

Be the leader work with Leader!

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